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Pictures from Staviken and Staviks fyr (light)


© Gunno Quist, If you want to use any material, ask for approval.

Copyright, Om du vill använda material, fråga efter medgivande.



Pier and pier house August 2012


View from the kitchen!


First supper!


Fishing at Vårtan, 7 km out on the lake.


Lighthouse view from the sauna!


Summer 2010
New Year 2009-10
Some winter modes!
White frost at the Staviken ice.
Chilly today!
Johannes taking a skating trip.
The last light of the day lightening the rising moisture from the open lake.
Cabin window and some warmth!
Winter twilight and the light is on.
Leaving in our tracks.


Friend Ulfs luck at fishing May 2009

Ulf has just landed a pike at 10,5 kg and 115 cm

Nisse (the cat) finds the food frightening and retire.

To match the season I have added some April pictures.

The Lily’s are yet only tops put they are a sign for warmer times to come!


Anna-Lena is cleaning for the spring season 2009.
Crocus model 2009!



Some January 2008 pictures.

There is not much light this time of year, pale,
but it can be quite a beautiful feeling in the evening .

The white frost puts itself as a fragile felt over
everything and intensify the nature's shapes.

“One” stone has became white of frost


The ice comes, the ice goes, looks almost as spring in January !

The sun has gone down but a pale light hesitates for a while!


Below, various pictures 2001-

View from ”bugbear hill” after
renovation of lighthouse in summer 2003.

A summer day in 2002, the year before the renovation of the lighthouse.

Here the lighthouse still have concrete tiles and the cottage has plastic paint!


The lighthouse and the cottage behind flowering lilac, May-June 2008


Evening view from a ladder at the road, May 2008.

North side of cottage just before sun set, Maj 10 2008


Supper at the hill, May 31 2008.


Yoga training, May 2008!


Two evenings in July, the sun behind Segersta and the moon over Hammarö.


The lighthouse and the moon, the smal white dots are star dust!


Another supper at the hill, Buseberget,


Goosander mother in the reed with hitchhike nestlings. May 2008.


Seasons and whethers in a constant change.

The lighthouse and a rainbow a summer day.

The open lake with free horizon in the background.


Spring-cleaning in April 2003 just before restoration.

Malin is doing an attack with the bucket and soap.

Compare appearance with concrete tiles and wood panelling.


An early morning in September, sunrise and the crescent moon on a clear sky.


An icy day in late winter.


January, when water is still warm, not frozen, and air is very cold.

Mist and spray from the waves are freezing on to all surfaces.

A thin blade of grass can be thick as an arm.


Or create thousands of icicles on a small pine tree.


Full moon in August over Lake Vänern.
Sunrise in July over Strutsholmen.

In the beginning of July, the night is still very short and never completely dark.

You can quite feel that the sun is just to turn behind

Strutsholmen before it is morning again.

The picture is taken around midnight and the lighthouse

has got some help from a halogen lamp.


Sunrise in the lighthouse bedroom window.


Horses on a field along the roads at Värmlands Näs in June.


Ada (the cat) is very much interested in Malins fish.


Johannes on the way home after searching the nets.

In the end of the summer, young and old gulls are gathering at the rocks,

preparing to leave southwards in a few weeks.


And again, a night later, in the light of the moon on the way home with the catch,

that Anna-Lena, Malin and Hanna is checking.

A pike, a pike-perch and a perch.





Some more pictures can be seen here.



Ada and
her kitten

There will be more themes...

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