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Welcome to

The Stavik Lighthouse
Värmland Sweden


Now, the new Pier House is ready!

See facts Pier House


If interested,

the Lighthouse,
Krikonstugan and

the Pier House can be rented.



During the winter, you can sleep in the lighthouse,

1-5 persons, and "live" in the Pier House.

 There are also in addition, 2 beds in the Pier House.



When outdoor temperature allow,
up to 4 people can sleep in the Krikonstugan
and in addition to the first 5 above,
2-3 more beds in the Lighthouse.



Do you want to help with work/painting, etc?

Accommodation can be arranged

provided that timing fits other visits and needs!


 If you have any questions,
please send a mail to Gunno.



Info regarding the place
Beds for up to 12 persons in

three buildings incl. the lighthouse.
Located at Lake Vänern, Western Europe’s biggest lake.

On the mainland with car road all the way
 and close to the lake at three sides.

Kitchen, shower, toilette and sauna in the new Pier House.

Flat rock or pier bathing, seclusion.
One or two families or a group, or just you and?

Small boat and a canoe.
More info, see the other pages here, specially Facts.



Stavik lighthouse station is more or 

less in original condition from 1860.

We have restored the outside

of all buildings and the inside of the cabin
see Renovation.





The main type of intended rental is weekly rental

of the whole lighthouse station, own linen etc.

Other conditions, as shorter time,
only the lighthouse in combination with

the pier house etc. can at be possible.

Make a request for your needs and we see how it fits!


Rent a lighthouse?



Send a mail to contact Gunno or use phone.

Best regards from family Quist

Karlstad Varmland Sweden





satellite view.












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